Competent Digital Talent

Digital Talent Accelerator (DTA)


Accelerator Program

  • Establish internal Digital Talent Accelerator inside corporate to cater to employee digital upskilling/reskilling and train-and-place for new talent
  • Establish Digital Talent Accelerator within Academy Institute to accelerate the undergraduate industry-demanding skills
  • Establish the Digital Talent Accelerator for a city, province, or country to create more digital talent for the digital economy

Digital Talent Accelerator (DTA)


Providing knowledge and tools for employees to be agile at work

Empowering Employees to involve directly in creating automation in their tasks

To be customer by applying Design Thinking & Design Sprint

Data backed decision making to avoid

To ensure we are updated and comply with the risks and governance in the digital age

Breaking silos by fostering cross-functional
collaboration and effective communication across the group

What is a Talent

  • A Talent Acceleration Strategy is an organization-wide approach to accelerating the skill and productivity level of new hires and existing staff.
  • This enables you to hire into specific roles at an underfill level and rapidly accelerate them to full performance.
  • This saves valuable time and contributes to enabling staff to generate profitability sooner.
  • It also makes your firm a talent magnet because job seekers are actively looking for ways to grow their skills and be successful.

What HR & L&D Professional Need to Know?

Digital Culture

the Secret of Productivity in a Modern World

5 x more employees who feel empowered
4 x more employees who feel engaged
3 x more employees who feel innovative
2 x more employees who feel productive

Internal recruiting

Your next hire will come from within your company.

Talent scarcity has been top of mind for HR and hiring professionals for years, as companies face fiercer competition for the most in-demand digital skills. That may be why 73% of them say internal recruiting is increasingly important to their company.

Workforce Digital Empowerment

Upskill / Reskill your employees to be Digital Ready

take advantage of their existing expertise in business and processes to look for opportunities in Digitalization and Digital Transformation.

Digital Talent Accelerator (DTA)

Critical Success Factors (CSF)


Co-create content with ramp up manager involvement as employees are more likely to take their cue from their managers. Our existing content will add as the base to work with your business unit head to co-create customized content. Our experience prove that up to 95% employees is completing the co-create content as compare to off-the-shelve content only 15%.


Moments that matter. Seize the important moments in the employee lifecycle to embed a learning mindset. Need to have the content that has the right context for the employee and business at the right moment. Make learning fun. Strategies like gamification add to the excitement and motivation of learning. Byte-size mobile learning that improve the convenient / experience of learning.


Marketing, marketing, marketing! Use internal marketing tactics to promote learning so that learners are aware and encouraged to act. This include top-down approach with clear expectation and direction from the CEO and CHRO. We assist CEO and CHRO to script the video recording message for workforce digital empowerment program and organization digitalization / digital transformation vision and mission, so it can be delivered continuously to all of the employees at any time any place, especially during course enrolment and at the start of each classes online or offline.

The Impact of a Digitally Empowered Workforce

After the employees are trained with various level of digital empowerment program:

Changing Mindsets: Becoming Open to Learning with Digital Resources

Employees throughout the organization tend to explore digital solutions before manual ones, use digital tools to seek out expertise, seek opportunities to use technology for advantage, and approach data systematically

Changing Practices: Becoming Skilled at Innovating with Information

Employee have confident to discover opportunities and implement Digitalization or Digital Transformation within and among business functions or throughout the organization. For example, more digitalization projects are initiated to support the digital mission and vision of the business.

Cultivating a “Digital-Ready” Culture to Support Digital Transformation

Employees utilize digital technologies to achieve more result with less effort
Employees utilize digital technologies to improve work efficiency and productivity
Employees utilize digital technologies to improve customer experience and product development cycle
Employees utilize digital technologies for communication and collaboration internally and externally

Benefits of DTA Train-and-Place program

Benefits of DTA Train-and-Place program

160 Hours of Face-to-Face or Virtual Class

Classes will be conducted over 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks with 160 hours of teaching hours, tutorial and projects.

Career Support

Offered for candidates when they are transitioning to the job market, when they are changing careers or during periods of unemployment.

Real-World Projects

You will be doing one to multiple projects throughout the class. You may also be involved with actual project the company is doing.

Micro-credentials Certificate by AeU

Certificate and digital badge will be awarded to you upon completion of the course and projects with acceptable quality.

Success Stories

Success Story: iTrain Asia empowered CIMB Group 3D Academy (A Digital Talent Accelerator)

  • To equip its 36,000-strong workforce across all levels and categories with digital knowledge

  • Launched in May 2018, the 3D Academy committed RM75 million for the next 3 years, with over 2 million training hours to develop 3D skills.

  • The CIMB 3D (Digital, Data, and Disruption) Academy aspires to enhance the digital quotient in all job roles, enable the Group’s digital transformation and build an agile, innovative and tech-savvy workforce across all levels. Its competency framework is anchored on six pillars, namely digital world awareness, agile & entrepreneurial thinking, future communication skills, risk & governance, human centered design and data science & analytics.

  • In 2018, 3D Academy delivered about 64 classes of 3D 101 Awareness Series, with more than 12,000 participants of all levels from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia.

  • In addition, about 560 participants attended Digital Leadership Series; more than 700 participants attended Design Thinking workshops and about 400 participants attended Agile Project Management and Data Analytics/Big Data related programmes.

  • Increase 60% of Digitalization Project request to Program Management Office (PMO).

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