Enhance the Skills and
Competencies of Educators in Using Digital Tools


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The digital educator is one who is engaged in the use of digital tools and
technologies including both software and hardware in teaching and
learning from preschool to higher education, including corporate and
technical training. Digital tools and technologies are employed to enhance
learning, communication, collaboration, critical, creative and innovative
thinking. Unfortunately, not all educators have been adequately prepared
and hence the urgent need for educators to be digitally literate and to
eectively integrate technology, harness the vast resources on the web and
prepare students for the digital future.

Aims of the Programme:

The Certified Digital Educator™ is designed to enhance the skills and
competencies of educators in using digital tools and technologies in the
teaching and learning. The programme provides participants with a
comprehensive understanding of the theory and best practices of digital
teaching and learning at all levels of education.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  • To explain the theories and principles underlying digital learning and teaching
  • To utilise various digital tools and technologies in teaching and learning
  • To design and implement pedagogical strategies using digital technologies
  • To create and curate content for digital learning and teaching
iTrain - CDE Factsheet - 2023

Self-Paced Independent Learning

For each module participants are provided with a
self-instructional module (SIM) which is written as
‘simple as possible but not simpler’. The ‘must
know’ knowledge and skills for each module are
presented in the SIM which participants can
download and read offline. Interspersed in the SIM
are Learning Activities which participants are
encouraged to complete.

iTrain - CDE Factsheet - 2023

Synchronous Learning

A 2-hour webinar will be conducted discussing the
main ideas in each module. Participants are
encouraged to attend and brainstorm among
themselves and with the assigned online tutor.

iTrain - CDE Factsheet - 2023

Asynchronous Learning

Participants will be assigned to a group using
WhatsApp or Telegram and are encouraged to
discuss with other participants and the assigned
facilitator the contents of each module. The Forum
will be used for participants to discuss the main
ideas in each module among themselves and with
the facilitator.


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