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Matthias Gelber

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HRD-COrp Claimable for Malaysian employees


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Broadly, ESG can be defined as the examination of a company’s environmental, social, and governance practices, their impacts, and the company’s progress against benchmarks. In capital markets, any party may rely on information about a company’s ESG efforts, including ESG ratings, for investment decision-making.

An ESG rating and the data used to calculate it provide investors and executives with a method of evaluating a company’s track record. The information is also used by investors to assess a firm’s risk exposures as well as its possible future financial performance.

As ESG has gained traction among investors, companies increasingly integrate this kind of thinking into their strategic planning, reporting, and communications choices, and leverage ESG performance as a way of tapping into new markets.


ESG practice gained the financial world’s attention following the 2005 UN-sponsored report, The Global Compact, which argued that embedding ESG into capital markets would lead to better societal outcomes.

Climate change, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), deforestation, biodiversity, pollution,
water, waste, extended producer responsibility, etc.

Customer relations, employee relations, labor, human rights, occupational health and
safety, community relations, supply chains, etc.

Board management practices, succession planning, compensation, diversity, equity and
inclusion, regulatory compliance, corruption, fraud, data hygiene and security, etc


of your management and employees with iTrain Asia’s training below:

ESG foundation (1 day)

1. The basics of the E, S, and G scope of ESG
2. Interactive exercises with Post-It Notes on identifying key issues, opportunities, and barriers to implementation
3. ESG reporting standards, ratings, and other requirements
4. How ESG can generate value and ROI
5. ESG alignment with DWP
6. Exercise and presentation – key ESG issues in your organization

ESG Net Zero / Decarbonization (1 day)

1. Paris Agreement
2. What is a carbon footprint and how to measure it
3. Scope 1, 2 and 3 of organizations carbon footprint
4. Science based targets and TCFD
5. Engaging suppliers and partners
6. Developing a Net Zero roadmap and presenting it for your organization or sector

ESG Innovation (1 day)

1. Where is the value and innovation opportunity in your organization
2. ESG programs that save money and enhance productivity
3. Identify and present such opportunities for your company or a typical ICT company
4. Digital innovation helping to deliver ESG target – opportunities for new products, services and business expansion
5. Identify and present ESG ICT opportunities for your company and sector

ESG Leadership (1 day)

1. From ESG compliance to ESG leadership 2. Circular Economy
3. Digital trust and responsibility
4. Digital inclusion
5. Digital with Purpose Accreditation and Benchmarking against Digital with purpose milestones
6. Identifying and presenting a roadmap to ESG Leadership

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All our certification training are HRD Corp claimable under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL and SBL-Khas Scheme). For training under the SBL-Khas Program, no upfront payment is required.

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Human Resources Development Corporation Approved Centre

All our certification training are HRD Corp claimable under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL and SBL-Khas Scheme). For training under the SBL-Khas Program, no upfront payment is required. For more information, Click Learn More to Visit the site


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